Really must finish my list


Once again, thank you for your wonderful messages of love and hope (and a few naughty ones that make me smile!) 😉

I want to compile my ‘bucket list’ and as you can see on my previous post I have made a start but I really must sit down and do it. And a thought struck me, what if I asked my followers to share their lists and perhaps I can steal a few ideas and find out about you all as well?!

So….please share with me your buckets in the comments! Thank you in advance xxxx

Karen x


15 thoughts on “Really must finish my list

  1. Karen. I truly get the sense that your intent is squeeze as much living into life as you possibly can. Keeping that in mind I would like to suggest a living dream list, people put dead fish in buckets…
    To that end what has given me my best highs in life may not be your cup of tea. Cliff diving, bridge jumping, mountain hiking, cave climbing, coral reefs diving, skydiving, those are the things that have inspired or em passions me. Traveling to see ruins in Greece that were much more impressive in person than I was prepared for has also given me the inclination that I might want to trek to the pyramids someday and definitely Manchu Picchu


    • Amazing! I love those ideas – I’m thinking I should definitely include some travelling – should do that soon really as I’m not sure how ill I will get. Thank you so much for your comment!


      • Think of stuff, see if it gives you a little rush or butterflies if it makes your heart feel sparkled and alive…if you ask yourself, “self, should we start a bottle cap collection and you get flutterbies…then go for it.


      • Regarding sexual fantasy, threesomes etc. yes. Advice? Meet in person at a cafe. Discuss your expectations while no one is intoxicated or compromised. Meet again in private. Have make out orgy where everyone involved knows at exactly what point you’re all stopping. That way you can gauge how you really feel then decide if it turns you on as much as you’d hoped.


      • Pictures? Post away. Start with simple and fun. See how you feel. Maybe moon a friend one night down on a busy street…they’ll have to be fast with the shutter…or flash your boobs from across the street… Seems like you could make someone’s day, be freaky and fun and not come off as trampy…that said, fuck anyone who thinks you’re trampy, they obviously have too much time on their hands if they’re sitting around putting other people in boxes while they waist what time they have


  2. I’ve always wanted to travel every state in America, travel the rest of the UK (I’m from there), travel lots of other countries, go to a masquerade party go speed dating, write an album (already doing) be in a film as a part or extra (already done), do a run for charity, change jobs, buy my favourite car, learn instruments, I can’t think of the others but I hope some might appeal to you 😄 have fun expanding and working on your list!


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