The list so far…

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for your lovely messages and support. I’ve been coming up with a list of everything I should do before I have to depart this world. Some are risky and a bit rude, I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but I want to be completely honest on this site. Here is the list so far, I want to add to it with your help.

1 – Quit my job – this is so I can have time to do all of the things I want!

2 – Spend a LOT of time with my friends and family

3 – Do volunteer/fundraising/charity work – a much better use of my time!

4 – Learn an instrument – am thinking guitar or piano

5 – Have a very long vacation – Not sure where yet

6 – Throw a huge, wild party and invite anyone and everyone! And I mean everyone!

7 – Act out some sexual fantasies that include a threesome

8 – Post some risky pics of myself on here – I am aware that you may not want to see these – I have been following a blog where the writer has been doing this and it seems so liberating and fun.


So this is the list so far, only 8 points – let me know what you think. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my honesty xx



39 thoughts on “The list so far…

  1. cpsingleton42 says:

    Party sounds fun, holiday always helps! Climb a mountain! Or visit yorkshire and see god’s county in all its beauty!
    Actually, turn the party into a concert for charity!
    Photos are a good way of making yourself feel better. Choose the threesome/foursome members carefully. You don’t want it turning awkward. It can be fun though!

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      • cpsingleton42 says:

        Don’t mean to put a dampener on it, sweetie, just want you safe. It played on my mind last night.
        What about an escort? That would be safer, or friends?
        Hell, if push comes to shove, jump on a train! Lol
        I seriously don’t mean to pull the rug from under you. I fully understand why you want to do it. I only want you safe.😊


  2. Hi Karen, I love that you are writing this blog! In my much longer life so far, what has been important to me by far has been making sure I have forgiven those who wronged me, and have thanked those who helped me. It meant the world to those whom I have thanked, and it has healed me enormously when I forgave those who hurt me.

    By the way, I am very glad to hear that you want to feel free enough to be sexually liberated at your age. It took me until now, in my 60s, even to be able to talk about sex. So I say, GO FOR IT! I mean this. It is silly to be uptight, as we used to say in my day, about sexual matters. And if you would not be embarrassed by explicit photos of yourself posted on the net, then why should we be?

    But I hope you will think about the thank you and forgiveness ideas as they will matter to you as time goes on, even more I suspect than the wild parties.

    Good luck and I send you all my blessings. Thank you for visiting Wagblog. I hope you will find the time to come back again. I will be following your blog to keep track of how things are going. My very best of wishes.

    Pam Wagner


    • Wow, that is a beautiful comment thank you. I totally agree with you on the thank you and forgiveness and of course these are far more important it is just my initial reaction is to go a little off the rails. I love your support of my more sexual thoughts and I am daring myself to maybe post a picture soon but not sure what of, any thoughts?


  3. comeoncapricia says:

    Love all your ideas! Just make sure to have fun! Also, try cooking some new foods or trying them! Try some new art medias like photography. Even if there don’t seem that different it can be fun to capture all the precious moments and memories. I actually record my voice and things I do or say or moments I wanna remember or pass down. ❤ love reading your blog and excited to hear more from you soon!


      • I would recommend starting with an online community such as fetlife. The folks there can be amazingly open and supportive.
        Your photos will be loved and commented on without judgment or fear of offending.
        As a bonus you will be able to network with a very sex positive community that has a healthy population in the uk. It would be an excellent place to find your partners in kinky crime.

        Good luck hun!


  4. GO GIRL!!!!! You know it is YOUR life and noone else”s so you do what you please with it. No one is gonna live your life for yu. The keys are in your hands my dear Karen!!


  5. It’s a great list, it’s great that you have ideas of what you want to achieve and do with your life and there’s nothing wrong with being curious and adventurous ! Just be careful like the others have said :), London is a a great place and one of my favourite places and there’s plenty to help you with your list! It’s great that you want to learn and instrument! I am currently learning both (and singing and producing etc) so go for it and enjoy it 🙂

    I wish you luck with your list and you’re inspiring so thank you

    G.S x


  6. Sean says:

    Awesome blog, I like your list so far, I too am fighting not to go before my time, I would def recommend watching a sunset and a sunrise xo


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